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The MCC’s Anti-Public Corruption program holds elected and appointed public employees and government agencies to the highest ethical standards.  We are committed to actively and aggressively fighting corruption. Corruption is an ugly part of Louisiana’s history, but it doesn’t have to be our destiny.

Our Anti-Public Corruption program
has three main objectives:

1) Provide a resource for the public to submit information about corrupt or unethical activity

2) Send a clear message to elected officials and public employees that illegal and unethical activity will not be tolerated

3) Assist law enforcement and government in rooting out corruption and misconduct

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We are actively seeking information about public employees,
elected officials, and private citizens engaging in:

Corruption, Fraud, Bribery, Extortion, Theft, Other Criminal
Activity, Ethical Violations, Cronyism, Waste, Mismanagement,
and Administrative Wrongdoing

The Anti-Public Corruption program is another weapon in the arsenal to combat the unscrupulous abuse of power and authority by elected and appointed public employees.   Providing the MCC with information will help us and law enforcement remove corrupt officials whose decisions affect business opportunities and the quality of life in our community.  Many of the MCC’s most successful cases started with a concern or tip from a citizen.

You can report information by:
Mailing a Letter
Sending an Email

Metropolitan Crime Commission 1615 Poydras St., Suite 1060 New Orleans, LA 70112


Calling our APC Hotline Sending a Fax

New Orleans Area: 504-524-7000

Toll Free: 888-524-7001


Filling out an Online Report Corruption Form

REPORT PUBLIC CORRUPTION NOW                            


Recent MCC Anti-Public Corruption Cases

  • Corruption convictions of former Orleans Parish School Board Member Ira Thomas and Orleans Parish School Board Diversity Contracting Director Armer Bright for bribery and wire fraud 

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Ira Thomas Sentencing – September 30, 2015

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Ira Thomas – May 13, 2015

  • The convictions of former OPCDC employee Patricia Tate and Bail Bondswomen Janet Smith and Nicole Carrie for their role in an illegal bail bond scheme

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Patricia Tate – December 3, 2014

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Janet Smith – December 4, 2014

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Nicole Carrie – January 14, 2015

  • The conviction of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on federal corruption charges

                     US Attorney’s Office Press Release – C. Ray Nagin Sentencing – July 9, 2014

  “Former Mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years in prison” 7/9/2014; WVUE

                     US Attorney’s Office Press Release – C. Ray Nagin Guilty Verdict – February 12, 2014

                     MCC announces role in Nagin Case (YouTube Video)

  • The convictions of Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office Director of Purchasing John Sens and Col. Gerard Hoffman along with corrupt contractor Richard Molenaar, III for their involvement in an alleged kickback and bid-rigging scheme

  US Attorney’s Office Press Release – John Sens – February 26, 2013

  US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Gerard Hoffman – February 26, 2013

  US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Richard Molenaar, III – June 19, 2013

  • Corruption convictions of former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, along with business executive Bill Mack who bribed him as well as Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson, CAO Tim Whitmer, and Karen Parker Broussard

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Aaron Broussard – September 25, 2012

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – William Mack – August 16, 2012

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Thomas Wilkinson – September 24, 2012

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Timothy Whitmer – March 22, 2012

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Karen Parker – January 17, 2012

  • Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s investigation uncovering St. Bernard Clerk of Court Lena Torres apparent preferential treatment of her son Attorney Sidney Torres

Legislative Auditor Report for St. Bernard Clerk of Court – December 10, 2012

  • Corrupt businessman Frank Fradella’s guilty plea that was used to leverage an indictment against former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

 US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Frank Fradella Guilty Plea – June 27, 2012

 US Attorney’s Office Press Release – C. Ray Nagin Indictment – January 18, 2013

  • Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s investigation uncovering Orleans Parish judges’ misuse of more than $864,000 in court Judicial Expense Funds to purchase supplemental insurance

Legislative Auditor Report for Orleans Parish Criminal District – November 26, 2012

  • General Manager of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Jim Bridger convicted of federal and state theft and malfeasance in office charges

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – James Bridger – August 26, 2011

  • The bribery scheme convictions of Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Irvin “Jiff” Hingle and corrupt contractor Aaron Bennett

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Irvin -Jiff- Hingle Guilty Plea – October 5, 2011 

US Attorney’s Office Press Release – Aaron Bennett Guilty Plea – October 14, 2011

  • The convictions of former City of New Orleans Technology Chiefs Mark St. Pierre, Greg Meffert, and Anthony Jones for their roles in the City of New Orleans technology office scheme
  • The U.S. Senate impeachment of  federal Judge Thomas Porteous for corruption while serving as a state and federal judge in Louisiana

For additional information about these and other high-profile MCC cases, please visit our Case Files of the MCC page.


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