The Metropolitan Crime Commission’s Anti-Public Corruption (APC) program holds elected and appointed public employees, as well as government agencies, to the highest ethical standards.  We are committed to actively and aggressively fighting to expose and suppress corruption.

Corruption is an ugly part of Louisiana’s history, but it doesn’t have to be our destiny.

Our Anti-Public Corruption program has three main objectives:

Provide a resource for the public to submit information about corrupt or unethical activity in the public and private sectors.

Send a clear message to elected officials and public employees that illegal and unethical activity will not be tolerated.

Assist law enforcement and government in rooting out corruption and misconduct.


Online Report Corruption Form

Sending an Email or Letter
MAIL: 1615 Poydras St., Suite 1060, New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone or Fax
New Orleans: 504-524-7000Toll Free: 888-524-7001
Fax: 504-566-0658  

We are actively seeking information about public employees, elected officials, and private citizens engaging in:

Corruption, Fraud, Bribery, Extortion, Theft, Cronyism, Waste, and Ethical or Administrative Misconduct.

Recent APC Cases

Archived Case Files