By Kenny Lopez | WGNO | June 10, 2021


KENNER, La.— Another carjacking case that started in New Orleans, ended in a crash today in Kenner.

The car chase spanned about 20 miles starting in Orleans Parish and ending in Jefferson Parish. First, the carjacking happened in New Orleans East on the 12300 block of I-10 Service Road around 5:25 this morning. Then about 10 minutes later the NOPD located the missing car on the 7800 block of Chef Menteur Highway. That’s when the suspect sped off leading police on a chase through Gentilly down 610 and I-10. The chase ended around 6:00 this morning when the suspect crashed the car into another car on the 3700 block of Williams Boulevard. We talked to the Metropolitan Crime Commission to get their take on the increase in car jackings in New Orleans.

“We are having a 173 percent increase in car jackings right now,” Rafael Goyeneche, President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission said.

Goyeneche says according to their stats in 2019 there were 49 car jackings, in 2020 there were 62 car jackings and so far in 2021, a whopping 134 so far.

“This is a real problem. Police are dealing with record numbers while their man power is diminishing. They need to not just hire a few new officers. We need 300 plus officers,” he said.

Today’s carjacking turned car chase involved a knife. They arrested 49-year old Isodore Foreman for armed car jacking and flight from an officer. Another scary car jacking happened on Tuesday when 60-year old, Portia Pollock was killed on N. Dorgenois Street in the Seventh Ward.

“They are going to use whatever tools they have available to them. A knife is just as deadly as a gun,” Goyeneche said.

Goyeneche said whether a kinfe or a gun, you can still fall victim, but you have a better chance of surviving if you comply and don’t show resistance.

“Give them your purse, belongings, car, and live to see another day,” he said.