By: Shay O’Connor /WDSU/  Feb 19, 2024


Monday was the start of the special session, and crime is front and center at the state capitol during a special session as lawmakers are hoping to tackle crime across Louisiana.

According to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, violent crime in Orleans Parish is down compared to this time last year, but there is still much work to be done.

Gov. Jeff Landry says tackling crime is his No. 1 priority, highlighting Linda Frickey’s case. She was killed in a violent carjacking in Mid-City two years ago.

Landry said criminal justice reform is supposed to be about preventing people from going to jail.

It’s a reason why a lot of these proposals are aimed at chipping away from criminal justice reform bills put into place by previous governor, John Bel Edwards.

Some big items are whether to restrict or repeal good time for inmates at state prisons, along with enhancing penalties for people arrested and convicted of a carjacking.

Another item is that the governor and other leaders have confirmed a permanent state trooper presence in New Orleans. Lawmakers will need to find ways to pay for it starting this week.

As we know, New Orleans and Baton Rouge have some of the highest crime rates in the country. Landry says these bills are all about giving justice to the families of victims of violent crime.

“I have listened carefully. I have heard their pleas have watched as they wept ends with neighborhoods,” Landry said.

The gaveling in and the introduction of several bills happened Monday, and Tuesday, the hearing will start.