Raven Poole, WGNO

September 12, 2023

The City of New Orleans hasn’t experienced a homicide in 10 days, according to the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

The organization’s crime map for the dates of Sept. 5 through 10 shows the city has not had a homicide for the past 10 days. Officials report this is the first occurrence in two years.

While there have been shootings, the incidents have been nonfatal.

“Nonfatal shooting and carjacking incidents are also substantially lower than the same time in 2021 (-24% and -40%, respectively), with rates closer to those we were seeing during and pre-COVID,” said officials with the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

Auto theft rates still remain high with over 5,000 vehicles being stolen as of Sunday, Sept. 10. That equals to an average of 20 vehicles being stolen per day. That is more than double the amount of thefts when compared to 2022.