By Natasha Robin | WVUE | January 6, 2022


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Chief Shaun Ferguson said last year the NOPD was presented with several challenges, especially when it comes to police manpower and violent crime. Overall crime was down in 2021, but violent crime went up.

Ferguson says we ended 2021 with 218 murders, an 8% increase. Shootings happened more often last year. According to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, officers investigated 490 shooting scenes. Carjackings also increased. Chief Ferguson said his officers recently made several arrests, but the crime has continued into the new year. The Chief says he believes young adults and juveniles are operating together to carjack victims across New Orleans.

“They’ve found a group that was from out of state that committed several armed robberies just last week. A second group last week, and then a third group the weekend prior, and it appears as though these are different groups that do not have any specific connection to one another, ” says Chief Ferguson.

The Chief said last year, the NOPD, along with state and local partners, conducted ‘Operation Golden Eagle’. Together, they arrested 90 individuals for violent crimes.

Ferguson says they are looking at conducting a similar operation this year to net results. Overall violent crime trends in 2021, he says mirrored what happened across the country, but he says there’s one trend that seems unique to New Orleans.

“Unique to New Orleans, more or less what we are not seeing is the accountability. That is what is unique to New Orleans, the accountability of the violent offenders being held accountable for their actions,” says Chief Ferguson.

The Chief says the NOPD solve rate for murder remains high, around 53%. In the new year, he’s once again asking the community for help to solve crime.