By Kenny Lopez | WGNO | January 27, 2021


NEW ORLEANS– There’s been a spike in crime in New Orleans East and neighbors want something done about it.

Folks living in New Orleans East are scared because they say crime is out of control.

“This has to stop. Innocent people are losing their lives. We are seeing car jackings, car robberies, people robbing people,” Anthony Jackson Jr. the President of the Police Community Advisory Board said.

According to the Metropolitan Crime Commission’s most recent 5-year crime report, which came out last week—New Orleans East has seen 26 percent of the city’s murders in 2020, and 29 percent of the city’s car jackings in 2020.

Last night police say that there was a car jacking on Hayne Boulevard. There was an attempted car jacking on Dwyer Road, and a shooting on Sand Street which left one man killed and a woman injred.

“We don’t want people to go through trauma and suffering,” Jackson said.

Jackson is fighting for peace in New Orleans East with the Police Community Advisory Board.

“Step one is to identify resources. Step two is to educate the community and step three is to create an action plan,” he said.

He says he’s reached out to public officials for help.

“We have the organizations in place. They just need to be properly funded,” he said.

Other neighbors agree that something needs to be done, and it must start with the youth.

“We don’t have anything for the kids out here to do, what do you want them to do,” Milton Nelson said.

“What kept me from a life of crime was being active, having activities, and having hobbies. We don’t want people to be scared to live in New Orleans, especially New Orleans East,” Jackson said.

The Police Community Advisory Board will host a public forum about the crime tomorrow night at 6 p.m. at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans East.