By Peyton LoCicero Trist | WGNO | April 5, 2022


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- “Alarming” is how most Orleans Parish residents are describing the recent spike in crime. Just about every day there are reports of shootings, murders, and carjackings.

The Metropolitan Crime Commission keeps a watchful eye on what is happening in New Orleans, tracking in detail the number of crimes taking place. Recently, in their bulletin, the statistics show how violent the crimes have become and how frequent.

At least 71 people have been murdered in 2022 to date. That’s a substantial increase relative to prior years, with 24 homicides in March alone.
This is the highest number of homicide victims in a single month since July of 2020.

Then looking at carjackings, we’re still seeing the highest rate across all prior years. The MCC says there have been 112 reported carjackings to date in 2022, meaning there’s a 367% increase over 2019 and a 58% increase over 2021.

When it comes to nonfatal shootings so far this year, not much has changed but, it hasn’t gotten better either.
However, compared to 2019, there’s a much higher difference in 2022.

Another alarming part of the crime situation is that the New Orleans Police Department has lost even more officers. According to the MCC, the NOPD is down 47 more officers and there are only 18 new cadets in the recent academy class.

Trying to remain positive about the City’s current situation, the President of the MCC, Rafael Goyeneche says, “Some major arrests have been made recently. Let’s hope we start seeing these numbers come down soon.”

Remember to stay vigilant in the city and if you see something, say something.