Letters to the Editor | The Advocate | July 7, 2022

Covering the crime problem in one article is “Mission Impossible.”

I will address three organizations that, hopefully, have universal appeal and will attract the collective involvement of individuals to make a difference in the quality of life in our city. I hope that many will learn about these well-respected, transparent 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations that make enormous contributions to New Orleans.

The Metropolitan Crime Commission exposes corruption and promotes criminal justice. Crime statistics are publicized weekly. It is the “watchdog” agency that exposes public corruption and irregularities in the criminal justice system and is a conduit for citizens to report misconduct, bringing accountability through research.

The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation helps recruit and retain police officers while promoting excellence in policing practices. Its mission is to invest in making New Orleans a safer place in which to live, work and visit. Police put their lives in danger daily, deserve pay raises and the respect of citizens. Appreciate their bravery and dedication.

The Youth Empowerment Project — YEP — is the first re-entry program for formerly incarcerated youths, our most vulnerable segment. Most live in chronic poverty, are out of school or work or have experienced trauma. YEP centers provide education, enrichment and mentoring to at-risk youths.

Each of us can help. Learn more about these organizations, support them financially, join programs, attend events and be an ambassador.

I am speaking from my heart and have a tough time digesting the horrible crime crisis. I thank all the individuals, corporations and foundations who have supported these programs and encourage others to do so. Doesn’t everyone want to be a part of a solution to this crime crisis and reap benefits?



New Orleans