By Chris Miller | WWL Radio | February 23, 2022

The New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission today debuts a new online tool, for tracking the work of the New Orleans District Attorney’s office.

“We’re going to be tracking all of the felony arrests made by the police department, and what the screening decisions are, acceptance and refusals by the D.A.’s office,” Metro Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche said to WWL’s Newell Normand. “We’re going to be reporting all the cases that were closed by the D.A.’s office between January first and year-to-date.”

Goyeneche says he has spoken with D.A. Jason Williams and Williams has offered some cooperation.

“He’s pledged to provide some information that we need to explain the reasons why cases are refused or dismissed,” said Goyeneche.

Goyeneche says after a rocky start, it seems Williams is learning and making changes.

“It’s a lot easier to run for D.A. than to be the D.A.” Goyeneche said, “and I think Jason Williams is realizing that now.”