By Travers Mackel | WDSU | February 7, 2022


NEW ORLEANS — Just days after WDSU Investigates broke the story on a controversial policy inside the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office, the Metropolitan Crime Commission released its own report on the matter. 

WDSU’s story centered on what’s called a “701 release,” which is when a person arrested by police isn’t formally charged with the DA in the time allotted under law and is subsequently released from prison.

The MCC says more than 1,500 felony arrests did not have a decision on whether charges would be accepted for prosecution within deadlines established by the Louisiana code of criminal procedure. 

As a result, 59% of felony suspects were either released from custody or court-supervised bail bond requirements without being prosecuted for any crime.

To read the full report, see our original investigation, and hear what the DA had to say about it, click here.