By Kaitlin Rust | WVUE | March 2, 2022


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – NOPD investigates a shooting spanning two scenes in the Holy Cross Neighborhood and leaves two men hospitalized.

NOPD says it started in the 800 block of Gordon Street just before 1:30 p.m. and ended a few blocks away on St. Claude.

Witnesses say it was an attempted carjacking.

“A guy got out I can hear some yelling and he was telling him to get out of the car,” an eyewitness said.

Gunfire erupts as this witness freezes in the intersection, getting a front row seat to what she believes was an attempted carjacking.

A dark sedan pulled up next to a man she says was sitting in his car in front of his friend’s house.

“They heard the gunfire and knew their friend was in the car and they came out and saw and they was just shooting,” she said.

Not only was the man she says was the victim firing back at the would be carjackers, his friends came out to his rescue.

“It was so many gun fires. Unbelievable. One of them had a big old gun, like an AK, and a guy in the driver’s seat, he was still shooting and two or three other friends came out and help them,” she said. “It was broad daylight I’m glad nobody was out here, there was a few people sitting on the porch, but no children or nothing. I’m glad that didn’t happen.”

The shootout then forced the carjackers onto St. Claude Avenue, according to the witness. They tried to get away, but she says the victim’s friends followed and continued to fire.

That’s when the car she described smashed into the back of a black van with its back window seemingly shot out, three blocks over on St. Claude, near the intersection of Lamanche Street.

The crash happened in front of a neighbor’s home who’s worn down by all the violence.

“I am so sick and tired of things happening on the avenue. This is a highway and so many things are happening, carjackings or whatever,” the neighbor said. “I’m just sick and tired of it. There has to be something done in the city.”

According to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, along the St. Claude corridor, on both sides of the Industrial Canal, there have been at least six armed robbery incidents this year, three shootings (including one that injured a two-year-old child), and at least four carjackings.

“At a certain time, I don’t even come outside. I always go to the back of the house because a lot of times I don’t hear anything, so that’s what makes you so scared, even if you want to come to get to your car, you get blindsided by somebody just come up 10 o’clock in the morning and try to carjack somebody,” the neighbor said.

NOPD says two men sustained gunshot wounds and were transported to the hospital. It’s not clear what role they played in the incident.

Police also haven’t said if it was an attempted carjacking. They are still investigating and urge anyone with information to call Crimestoppers.