By Shay O’Connor | WDSU | February 11, 2022


Carjackings and robberies have become more of a common occurrence in neighborhoods across New Orleans.

With these crimes bleeding into normally safer areas, people are now taking action to stay safe.

A report by the Metropolitan Crime Commission shows there has been a substantial increase in both car thefts and burglaries in Lakeview. Thursday neighbors came together to address crime.

“We want to get together and support our police department in fighting crime and in getting crime off the streets of New Orleans. We are tired of the crime,” Holly Clement, a Lakeview resident, said.

Although crime is going up, John Clement, Holly’s husband said he feels relatively safe. “We just want to keep it as safe as it always has been, ” said Clement.

But many still feel on edge.

“Residents are scared. They are scared in their homes. Scared to go to the grocery store, scared to pump gas. And they are not getting the answers they need from the people who should be answering the questions,” said Brian Anderson, President of the Lakeview Crime Prevention District.

Organizers with the Lakeview Crime Prevention District assured community members on Thursday that they would be patrolled regardless of the officer shortage in the city of New Orleans.

“We are out here to let the residents of Lakeview know that even though their city may have failed them their neighbors won’t. We are out here and going to make sure we increase patrols so that Lakeview is safe,” said Anderson.

For years the Lakeview community has spent millions to have additional patrols in their area and now more patrols will become visible to residents.

“If the city can’t do it, we will do it,” said Anderson.

But crime is crime and it can happen at any time, and anywhere. The hope for most is that there will be some changes throughout the city sooner than later.

“Crime anywhere in the city is not right. It does not just affect people in Lakeview. It affects all of New Orleans. And all the people from out of town that want to come in and enjoy our city,” said Anderson.

“I think the police are doing a good job. I am just more concerned with criminals being kept in jail and being released much too soon,” said Clement.

Organizers said with the new additions, about three to six patrols will hit the streets of Lakeview.

The next crime prevention meeting in Lakeview will be held on Feb. 24.